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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Bantu (90012).    Langue du texte : en

Schapera, Isaac (Ed) (1937). The Bantu-speaking tribes of South Africa: an ethnographical survey. London : George Routledge & Sons for the South African Inter-University Committee for African Studies., pp. xv, 453.

Notes : Includes chapters on “Racial origins” by Raymond A. Dart (p 1-32), “Habitat” by A. J. H. Goodwin (p 33-42), “Grouping and ethnic history” by N. J. van Warmelo (p 43-66), “Social organisation” by A. Winifred Hoernlé (p 67-94), “Individual development” by Eileen Jensen Krige (p 95-118), “Domestic and communal life” by G. P. Lestrade (p 119-130), “Work and wealth” by Isaac Schapera & A J. H. Goodwin (p 131-172), “Political insitutions” by Isaac Schapera (p 173-196), “Law and justice” by Isaac Schapera (p 197-220), “Magic and medicine” by A. Winifred Hoernlé (p 221-246), “Religious beliefs and practices” by W. M. Eiselen & Isaac Schapera (p 247-270), “The musical practices of the native races of South Africa” by Percival R. Kirby (p 271-290), “Traditional literature” by G. P. Lestrade (p 291-308), “Language” by C. M. Doke (p 309-332), “The imposition and nature of European control” by J. S. Marais (p 333-356), “Cultural changes in tribal life” by Isaac Schapera (p 357-388), “The Bantu on European-owned farms” by Monica Hunter (p 389-404), and “The native in the towns” by Ellen P. Hellmann (p 405-434). The book has been reprinted many times by Routledge & Kegan Paul.

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