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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Mabire (02266).    Langue du texte : en

Johnson, Eric & Cameron Hamm (2002). Mabire: a dying language of Chad. SIL International, [SIL electronic working papers (SILEWP), n 2002-002], . 12 pp.

Notes : Includes sociolinguistic notes plus a 227-wordlist, the only known descriptive materials for this language. “The existence of Mabire was first mentioned to Dr. James Roberts (SIL) during an interview he had in 1993 with some Kofa men in the town of Mongo in central Chad. Additional information collected in January 2001 by SIL’s language survey team ... confirms its existence as a distinct and endangered language. Mabire is now only spoken by a few older people ... Word list comparison results show a relatively close lexical similarity to the Jegu dialect of Mogum, though not close enough to suspect intercomprehension” (p 3). Until recently, Mabire was spoken in a handful of villages to the east of Mt Mabire at appr. 11°4 N 18°3 E, which lies south of the town of Mongo in Guéra Province, south-central Chad. “The Mabire-speaking community appears to have disbanded following a devastating epidemic, and the survivors have been assimilated into neighboring speech communities” (p 3).

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