WEBBALL : 19763, type : Book, mots-clés : caf;eaf;zmb;lng;dct;bnt;m.64;m.61;m.63;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : Botatwe (00396), Botatwe (00397), Botatwe (00400).    Langue du texte : en

Torrend, Julius (1931). An English vernacular dictionary of the Bantu-Botatwe dialects of northern Rhodesia. London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.. xi, 649 pp. (Compiled with the help of Dr H. S. Gerrard, and others)

Notes : Botatwe is a cover term for Lenje (M61), Ila (M63) and Tonga (M64). Reprinted 1967 by Gregg Press in Farnborough UK (ISBN 0-576-11471-5).

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