List of icons

set records Set records in page as active
tag Save request
cancel Delete entity
add Add entity
delete Remove filter
cognat Show cognate(set)
show alignement Show alignment
add alignement Add alignment
delete alignement Delete alignment
save alignement Save alignment
save Create entity
server Show full information for records
view Show lexicostat array for current wordlist / dataset
apr├Ęs Align next
add star Define as correspondence
star delete Define as hypothesis
reload Reload
revert selection Invert selection
add Set all records as active
broks Edit cognate
bug Report bug
point vertEntity has sub, load database (and show number of cognates)
point rougeNo sub, load database
caddy Replace items
caddy add Add items
caddy delete Remove item(s)
pencil Edit entity
build Send records in new cognate
color Modify color and order of sources
comment Add comment
comment2 Show comment
exit Logout
up Hide panel
down Show panel
clear Clear active elements
exit Logout
flag blue Need review
flag green Updated entity  
flag red No entity
flag yellow Modified entity
folder Open older
folder open Hide folder
help Help
info Show info
C Consonant inventory
T Tones inventory
V Vowels inventory
link Check cluster
page Copy inventory
cross Cross analysis
connect Login
login Login
map Show map
note Submitted comment / alignement / dataset
blue note Need review comment / alignement / dataset
green note Published comment / alignement / dataset
red note Private comment / alignement / dataset
set Set records in page as active
excel Export as Excel file
pictures Apply saved query
img Buil dataset from all records
REconstr View correspondences
share Share dataset
show tag Hide tags
show notag Show tags
add fields Add field from records as tag
style Show inventories
arrow Add missing records
tag Add tag
T Make records
tree Show tree
use Create account
user edit Edit informations
search Search in
language close Closest languages
global inv Make global inventory
show fields Show field
disk Save fields
tock Select all
point bleu block separator
m Add lines
o Manage request
R show note
R show tag
R show borrowing
full Show full record
stat Descriptive stats
S Loading icon
cog Set tags types
add moins class used
s Set operations for recordsets
m Order fields
chart Minimal pairs
lock open lock Lines contrain columns