WEBBALL : 3460, type : Journal Article, mots-clés : caf;saf;rsa;nmb;bts;ang;lng;w.311;w.200;w.100;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : bochiman (*), hottentot (01825).    Langue du texte : fr

Bulck, [Révérend] [Père] Gaston van (1948). Le problème bochiman et hottentot: les faits linguistiques. Studia missionalia 4-25., pp. 119-185.

Notes : The article has the author pinned down as “V. van Bulck”, which surely is a mistake (or?). Moreover, the article contains a table of contents where the pagination is given as 1-67, though the actual page numbers are numbered 119-185. (Possibly the table of contesn was made for an off-print.)

Date de la dernière modification : 2007-09-13