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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Saho (02210).    Langue du texte : en it

Vergari, Moreno & Roberta Vergari (2007).

URL : http://www.academia.edu/758534/A_basic_Saho-English-Italian_dictionary
Autres informations : This is a version revised in 2007 of Moreno Vergari and Roberta Vergari (2003) A basic Saho-English-Italian Dictionary, Asmara: Sabur Printing Services. Some parts of the original version (Contents, Alphabet and Orthography, English-Saho Index, Alphabetical list of botanical scientific names, Saho Bibliography, Corrigenda et Addenda) are not included here, as well as the Grammatical Notes (by Giorgio Banti and Moreno Vergari). The revision mainly concerned some typographical errors. We are therefore aware of various inaccuracies that still exist. A new dictionary, completely revised and greatly expanded, is under preparation.

Date de la dernière modification : 2013-06-02