WEBBALL : 21000, type : Manuscript, mots-clés : saf;lng;w.002;w.100;w.211;w.222;w.243;w.320;
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Westphal, Ernst Oswald Johannes (1953-1971). The E.O.J. Westphal papers. (Manuscripts, papers, correspondence, ref. BC 1143/A, BC 1143/B, BC 1143/C1-15, BC 1143/D).

Notes : Unpublished notes and manuscripts; some typed, some pencilled. Includes material on/about/titled Hua = West €Hua (BC 1143/C1), Danisin (BC 1143/C2), G//oro (BC 1143/C3), Kwadi (BC 1143/C4-C5), Ganade (BC 1143/C6), Hande (BC 1143/C7), Shua (BC 1143/C8), Deti (BC 1143/C9), G//abake, Kwe, Kolee (BC 1143/C10), Ng|amani (BC 1143/C11), Ng|huki (BC 1143/C12), Suwan + paper “Not all Bushmen are Bushmen” (BC 1143/C13), x‘‘e, Bushmen of Amsterdam, district Ermelo, i.e. //Xegwi (BC 1143/C14), “!Xu: other collectors« notes and vocabularies” (BC 1143/C15,2), “!Xu doublets and phonetics” (BC 1143/C15,3), “!Xu grammar” by Terttu Heikkinen (BC 1143/C15,4). There’s also a huge pile of unsorted note cards for various aspects of !Xu, Xhegwi, Bush ABCD, Khoe (BC 1143/D). Other parts include the papers “The peopling of southern Africa” (BC1143/A) and “Lexical evidence for Bush-Hott classification” (BC1143/B).

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