WEBBALL : 20663, type : Journal Article, mots-clés : caf;eaf;tnz;mlw;zmb;sss;lng;bnt;m.11;m.12;m.13;m.14;m.15;m.22;m.26;m.21;m.23;m.201;m.27;m.24;m.25;m.31;m.301;m.202;f.25;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : Bantu (90012).    Langue du texte : en

Walsh, Martin T. & Imani N. Swilla (2001). Linguistics in the Corridor: a review of research on the Bantu languages of South-West Tanzania, North-East Zambia and North Malawi. Journal of Asian and African studies/Ajia Afuriku gengo bunka kenkyu 61., pp. 275-302.

Notes : Deals extensively with the historiography of Pimbwe (M11), Lungwa (M12), Fipa (M13), Lungu (M14) & Mambwe (M15), Nyamwanga (M22) & Iwa (M26), Wanda (M21), Nyika/Nyiha (M23), Wandya (M21), Lambya (M201), Tambo (M27), Malila (M24), Safwa (M25), Nyakyusa (M31) & Ngonde (M31), Ndali (M301) & Sukwa (M202), and Wungu (F25). There is also an expanded version (47 pp) of this paper, which was originally prepared for the International Colloquium on Kiswahili in 2000 (Institute of Kiswahili Research, University of Dar es Salaam, 20-23 March 2000), and it can be downloaded in PDF format from ‹www.african.gu.se/downloads.html›.

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