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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Suto-Chuana (474-475), Bantu (g).    Langue du texte : en

Tucker, Archibald Norman (1929). The comparative phonetics of the Suto-Chuana group of Bantu languages. London, New York & Toronto : Longmans, Green & Co.. 139 pp.

Notes : Publication of the author’s dissertation, University of London, 1929. Contains “a very full study of Tshwana phonetics, with a good introduction to the tonetics as well ... Most of the informants appear to have been BaRolong” (Lestrade, in Doke 1933:78). Later reprinted by Gregg International, with a new introduction and supplemented with “Sotho-Nguni orthography” (1949) and “Some little known dialects of Sepedi” (1932) by Tucker (ISBN 0-576-11608-4; 180 pp).

Autres informations : A. W[erner], Journal of the African Society, v 29 (1929/30), p 325-326; Alice Werner, Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, v 5 (1930), p 958

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