WEBBALL : 19753, type : Book Section, mots-clés : eaf;tnz;lng;lxl;bnt;g.62;g.42;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : Kiswahili (00269), Kihehe (00251).    Langue du texte : en

Topp-Jɔrgensen, J. E., A. R. Marshall & H. Brink (2001). English/Latin, Kiswahili and Kihehe names of mammals found in and around West Kilombero Scarp Forest Reserve and New Dabaga/Ulangambi Forest Reserve. In Doody, K. Z., K. M. Howell & E. Fanning (Ed), West Kilombero Scarp Forest Reserve: zoological report, Iringa (Tanzania) : Udzungwa Mountains Forest Management and Diversity Project., pp. 173-174.

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