WEBBALL : 1765, type : Generic, mots-clés : caf;eaf;saf;lng;lxl;rcn;bnt;0.00;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : bantou (02296).    Langue du texte : fr

Bastin, Yvonne [Angenot], André Coupez, Kankawa Evariste Mumba & Thilo C. Schadeberg (2003). Reconstructions lexicales bantoues 3 = Bantu lexical reconstructions 3. Tervuren : Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale (MRAC), , .

Notes : Internet-accessible database available at ‹linguistics.africamuseum.de/BLR3.html›. Comprises all Proto-Bantu lexical reconstructions by all major sources. Invaluable research tool, superior to anything in the field. The first version of this was compiled by A. E. Meeussen in 1969, initially circulated as a manuscript, and published by Tervuren in 1980. A second version was later edited by Coupez, Bastin & Mumba (1998), and distributed as a FileMaker-file via the CBOLD website.

Date de la dernière modification : 2007-09-29