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Phillipson, Robert, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas & Hugh P. Africa (1985). Namibian educational language planning: English for liberation or neo-colonialism?. In Skutnabb-Kangas, T. & R. Phillipson (Ed), Educational strategies in multilingual contexts, Roskilde (Denmark) : Roskilde Universitetscenter, Lingvistgruppen (ROLIG)., pp. 4-26.

Notes : Reprinted 1985 in »Linguistic liberation and unity in Africa« (ed. by Kahombo C. Mateene; Inter-African Bureau of Languages, Organization for African Unity), p 42-59; and 1986 in »Language and education in multilingual settings« (ed. by Bernard Spolsky; Multilingual Matters Inc.), p 77-95.

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