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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Igbo (00874).    Langue du texte : en

Ogbàlú, Frederick Chidozie & Emmanuel ʼNolue Emenanjo (1982). Igbo language and culture: studies presented and discussed at two seminars - refresher courses for post-primary Igbo language teachers, which were held in August 1975 and in August 1976 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, under the auspices of the Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture (Otu Iwelite Asusu na Omenala Igbo). Ibadan : Oxford University Press. x, 237 pp.

ISBN(10) 978-154-156-3, 978-154-157-1, 0-19-575275-9, 0-19-575281-3
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