WEBBALL : 12573, type : Book, mots-clés : saf;rsa;lst;lng;dct;bnt;s.33;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : Southern Sotho (00474).    Langue du texte : en

Mabille, Adolphe & H. Dieterlen (1961). Southern Sotho-English dictionary. Morija : Sesuto Book Depot. xx, 598 pp. (Eighth edition, reclassified, revised and enlarged by R. A. Paroz in the 1959 Republic of South Africa orthography)

Notes : The first edition by Mabille appeared in 1876. Reprinted 1988 by Sesuto Book Depot in Morija.

Autres informations : Thilo C. Schadeberg, “Tone in South African Bantu dictionaries” (review article), Journal of African languages and linguistics, v 3 (1981), p 175-180

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