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Langue(s) traitée(s) : Swahili (00269).    Langue du texte : en

Lodhi, Abdulaziz Yusuf (2000). Oriental influences in Swahili: a study in language and culture contacts. Göteborg : Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis. xiii, 257 pp.

ISBN(10) 91-7346-377-9
Notes : Publication of the author’s dissertation, Göteborg University, 2000. Discusses and traces foreign influences in Swahili, in particular lexical loans from Persian, Cutchi/Sindhi, Gujarati, Hindi/Urdu, Turkish, Indonesian and Chinese as well as grammatical loans from Arabic. Has informative sections on the history and ethnography of various Asians groups in East Africa.

Autres informations : Irmtraud Herms, Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere, v 67 (2001)

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