WEBBALL : 10504, type : Journal Article, mots-clés : waf;lng;lcl;u.724;u.710;u.720;u.730;u.740;
Langue(s) traitée(s) : Jogo (01485), Mande (90130).    Langue du texte : en

Kastenholz, Raimund (1997). Some notes on the TAM-system of Jogo and its implications for comparative grammar within Western Mande. St Petersburg journal of African studies 6., pp. 51-62.

Notes : This article had originally appeared in the previous volume (v 5, 1996). However, it apparently had so many typographical errors that the editors deemed it necessary to republish a corrected reprint in the following (this) volume.

Date de la dernière modification : 2008-03-22