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[23714]   Mazombwe, Obediah (1981) : Umuntu: worldview in the structure and theme of Nsenga narrative performance
[13854]   Miti, Lazarus Musazitame (2001) : A linguistic analysis of Cinsenga, a Bantu language spoken in Zambia and Malawi
[13855]   Miti, Lazarus Musazitame (2002) : Tone shifting in CiNsenga pronouns
[13856]   Miti, Lazarus Musazitame (2003) : The effect of extensions, enclitics and object markers on verbal tone in Cinsenga
[13857]   Miti, Lazarus Musazitame (2004) : A grammar of Cingoni-Nsenga: a Central Bantu language spoken in Zambia
[17035]   Ranger, A. Sidney B. (1928) : Chinsenga handbook: a manual of the Nsenga language spoken in the protectorate of Northern Rhodesia