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[6191]   Emanatian, Michele (1992) : Chagga ‘come’ and ‘go’: metaphor and the development of tense-aspect
[11824]   Leeman, Bernard & Trilas Lauwo (1993) : Chagga. A course in the Vunjo dialect of the Kichagga language of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: basic grammar, structural drills, elementary comprehension
[17734]   Saloné, Sukari B. (1980) : Vowel coalescence and tonal merger in Chagga (Old Moshi): a natural generative approach
[21077]   Whiteley, Wilfred Howell (1965) : Chagga languages
[21355]   Winter, Jürgen Christoph (1987) : Zur Prosodologie des Mochi-Dialekts des Chagga