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[17535]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini (1992) : Power and pedagogy: choosing a medium of instruction in Tanzania
[17538]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini (2001) : Empowerment through language: the African experience. Tanzania and beyond
[24697]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini (2006) : The State of African Languages and the Global Language Politics: Empowering African Languages in the Era of Globalization
[17534]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini & Martha P. Qorro (1987) : A survey of the reading competence in English of secondary students in Tanzania
[17537]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini & Martha P. Qorro (1997) : Language crisis in Tanzania: the myth of English versus education
[17536]   Roy-Campbell, Zaline Makini & Saida Yahya-Othman (1997) : Draft proposal for a Pan-African bibliography of language in education project (LEAP)