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[12814]   Makoni, Sinfree B. (1993) : The futility of being held captive by language policy issues in South African applied linguistics
[12815]   Makoni, Sinfree B. (1993) : Is Zimbabwean English a type of new English?
[12816]   Makoni, Sinfree B. (1995) : Deconstructing the discourse about language in language planning in South Africa
[12817]   Makoni, Sinfree B. (1998) : Conflict and control in intercultural communication: a case study of compliance-gaining strategies in interactions between black nurses and white residents in a nursing home in Cape Town, South Africa
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[17253]   Ridge, Elaine & Sinfree B. Makoni (Ed) (2001) : Freedom and discipline: essays in applied linguistics from southern Africa