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[18118]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1990) : Early history on eastern Africa’s Great Lakes region: linguistic, ecological and archaeological approaches, ca. 500 BC to AD 1000
[18119]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1993) : We are what we eat: ancient agriculture between the Great Lakes
[18120]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1994) : Great Lakes Bantu: classification and settlement chronology
[18121]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1994/95) : Social aspects of agricultural change between the Great Lakes, AD 500 to 1000
[18122]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1997) : The historical reconstruction of Great Lakes Bantu: etymologies and distributions
[18123]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (1998) : A green place, a good place: agrarian change, gender and social identity in the Great Lakes region to the fifteenth century
[18124]   Schoenbrun, David Lee (2001) : Representing the Bantu expansions: what’s at stake?