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[15950]   Onyeche, Joseph Ifeanyi (1998) : Notes on Ika lexicon and verb phrases
[15951]   Onyeche, Joseph Ifeanyi (2001) : Loss and retention in the Ika language
[15952]   Onyeche, Joseph Ifeanyi (2002) : Ika community: a sociolinguistic description
[15953]   Onyeche, Joseph Ifeanyi (2002) : Changes in Ika: an exploratory study of a language and a community/Ógbehuto ri íka: ndamî nlele asusu le ali íka
[15954]   Onyeche, Joseph Ifeanyi (2004) : As Naija pipo dey tok: a preliminary analysis of the role of Nigerian Pidgin in the Nigerian community in Sweden