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[14300]   Moyo, Themba (1996) : Code-switching among competent bilinguals: a case for linguistic, cultural and group identity?
[14301]   Moyo, Themba (2000) : Language use in the neighbourhood of Empangeni and Richards Bay
[14302]   Moyo, Themba (2002) : Mother tongues versus an ex-colonial language as media of instruction and the promotion of multilingualism: the South African experience
[14303]   Moyo, Themba (2002) : Language politics and national identity in Malawi
[14305]   Moyo, Themba (2003) : Language loss and language decay of Malawi’s indigenous languages
[14306]   Moyo, Themba (2004) : The democratisation of indigenous languages: the case of Malawi