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[1202]   Ayotte, Michael & Melinda Lamberty (2002) : Intelligibility testing of Bafia among Lefa speakers
[1207]   Ayotte, Michael & Melinda Lamberty (2002) : Rapid appraisal sociolinguistic survey among NGEMBA cluster of languages: Mankon, Bambili, Nkwen, Pinyin and Awing
[11628]   Lamberty, Melinda (2002) : A sociolinguistic survey of Bum (Boyo Division, North West Province)
[11629]   Lamberty, Melinda (2002) : A survey of Mofu intelligibility for Cuvok speakers (Mayo-Tsanaga Division, Far North Province)
[11630]   Lamberty, Melinda (2002) : A rapid appraisal survey of the Abo and Barombi speech communities, South West and Littoral Provinces, Cameroon
[11631]   Lamberty, Melinda (2003) : A rapid appraisal survey of Mbedam (Mayo-Tsanaga Division, Far North Province)