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[10182]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (1992) : Requests as speech acts in Zulu
[10183]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (1994) : Towards a model for politeness in Zulu
[10184]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (1995) : The cross-cultural study of directives: Zulu as a non-typical language
[10185]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (1998) : Keeping the kitchen clean: towards an analysis of English-medium interactions between black people and white people in post-apartheid South Africa
[10186]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (2000) : In with heart and soul: the German-speakers of Wartburg
[10187]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (2000) : English language proficiency in South Africa at the turn of the millenium
[10188]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (2002) : German speakers in South Africa
[10189]   Kadt, Elizabeth de (2005) : English, language shift and identities: a comparison between ‘Zulu-dominant’ and ‘multicultural’ students on a South African university campus