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[18402]   Sharman, John Compton (1956) : The tabulation of tenses in a Bantu language: Bemba, Northern Rhodesia
[18403]   Sharman, John Compton (1963) : Nominal and pronominal prefixes in Bemba
[18404]   Sharman, John Compton (1963) : Morphology, morphophonology and meaning in the single-word verb-forms in Bemba
[18405]   Sharman, John Compton (1970) : Internal and external inconsistencies in Malcolm Guthrie’s “Comparative Bantu” (I,1) and other works: a preliminary critique of the Guthrie hypothesis for nuclear Bantu
[18406]   Sharman, John Compton (1974) : Some uses of Common Bantu
[18401]   Sharman, John Compton & Achille Emiel Meeussen (1955) : The representation of structural tones, with special reference to the tonal behaviour of the verb in Bemba, Northern Rhodesia