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[4048]   Chick, J. Keith (1985) : The interactional accomplishment of discrimination in South Africa
[4050]   Chick, J. Keith (1989) : Intercultural miscommunication as a source of friction in the workplace and in educational settings in South Africa
[4052]   Chick, J. Keith (1991) : Sources and consequences of miscommunication in Afrikaans English - South African English encounters
[4053]   Chick, J. Keith (1992) : Exploring the relationship between interaction and social structure: an ethnographic study of a desegregating institution
[4054]   Chick, J. Keith (1992) : English as a medium and as a subject in a post-apartheid South Africa
[4055]   Chick, J. Keith (1996) : Status and the use of English in KZN-English in Education: English as a second language
[4056]   Chick, J. Keith (1997) : ‘One settler, one bullet’ and other provocations: exploring the relationships between language use and democratic values
[4057]   Chick, J. Keith (2002) : Constructing a multicultural national identity: South African classrooms as sites of struggle between competing discourses
[4058]   Chick, J. Keith (2002) : Intercultural miscommunication in South Africa
[4051]   Chick, J. Keith (Ed) (1990) : Searching for relevance: contextual issues in applied linguistics in southern Africa
[4049]   Chick, J. Keith & M. Seneque (1987) : The role of the applied linguist in language planning: the medium of instruction problem in Kwazulu, Natal