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[9956]   Jokweni, Mbulelo Wilson & Henry M. Thipa (1996) : ATR harmony in Xhosa
[19570]   Thipa, Henry M. (1980) : Semantic field analysis and the structure of culture: a comparative study of Sotho and Xhosa
[19571]   Thipa, Henry M. (1985) : Some place names: what do they tell?
[19572]   Thipa, Henry M. (1992) : The difference between rural and urban Xhosa varieties
[19573]   Thipa, Henry M. (1993) : Sociolinguistic consequences of language contact: evidence from Xhosa
[19574]   Thipa, Henry M. (Ed) (2001) : Ahead of time: studies in African languages, in honour of Nompumelelo Jafta