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[7462]   Gough, David H. (1986) : Xhosa narrative: an analysis of the production and linguistic properties of discourse with particular reference to Iintsomi texts
[7463]   Gough, David H. (1992) : Demonstratives and word order: aspects of discourse reference in Xhosa narrative
[7464]   Gough, David H. (1993) : A change of mood: towards a re-analysis of the Dokean classification
[7465]   Gough, David H. (1995) : Some problems for politeness theory: deference and directness in Xhosa performative requests
[7466]   Gough, David H. (1995) : Xhosa beyond the textbook: an analysis of grammatical variation of selected Xhosa constructions
[7467]   Gough, David H. & Zannie Bock (2001) : Alternative perspectives on orality, literacy and education: a view from South Africa
[10979]   Klerk, Vivian de & David H. Gough (2002) : Black South African English