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[589]   Allen, Glover Morrill & Arthur Loveridge (1933) : Reports on the scientific results of an expedition to the southwestern highlands of Tanganyika Territory, II: mammals
[12408]   Loveridge, Arthur , M. J. Ratbun , Glover Morrill Allen , B. Lawrence , J. L. Peters , J. H. Sandground & W. Michaelsen (1935/37) : Scientific results of an expedition to rain forest regions in eastern Africa: 1. New reptiles an amphibians from East Africa (A. Loveridge); 2. Crustacae (M. J. Ratbun); 3. Mammals (G. M. Allen & B. Lawrence); 4. Birds (J. L. Peters & A. Loveridge); 5. Reptiles (A. Loveridge); 6. Nematoda (J. H. Sandground); 7. Amphibians (A. Loveridge); 8. Oligochaeta (W. Michaelsen); 9. Zoogeography and itinerary (A. Loveridge)