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[6436]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (1978/79) : A brief survey of Pulaar/Fulfulde dialects in West Africa
[6437]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (1982) : Syntactic expansions in text: beyond SVO in Pulaar oral narrative performance
[6438]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (1983) : Discourse strategies in Pulaar: the use of focus
[6439]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (1984) : A practical guide and reference grammar to the Fulfulde of Maasina
[6440]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (1987) : Pular: a guide for the dialect of Fuuta Djalon (Guinea)
[6441]   Fagerberg-Diallo, Sonja Marie (2001) : Constructive interdependence: the response of a Senegalese community to the question of why become literate