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[6412]   Fabian, Johannes (1982) : Schratching the surface: observations on the poetics of lexical borrowing in Shaba Swahili
[6413]   Fabian, Johannes (1985) : Language on the road: notes on Swahili in two nineteenth century travelogues
[6414]   Fabian, Johannes (1986) : Simplicity on command: on pidginization of Swahili in Shaba (Zaire)
[6415]   Fabian, Johannes (1986) : Language and colonial power: the appropriation of Swahili in the former Belgian Congo 1880-1983
[6416]   Fabian, Johannes (1990) : History from below: the “vocabulary of Elisabethville” by André Tav - text, translations and interpretive essay
[6417]   Fabian, Johannes (1990) : Power and performance: ethnographic explorations through proverbal wisdom and theatre in Shaba, Zaïre
[6418]   Fabian, Johannes (1991) : Potopot: problems of documenting the history of spoken Swahili in Shaba