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[1616]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] (1985) : The syntax and interpretation of the relative clause construction in Swahili
[1617]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] (1985) : o epenthesis: a positional treatment of Swahili pronominal clitics
[1618]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] (1987) : Phonological allomorphy in Swahili: on the form of inanimate pronominal clitics
[1619]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] (1988) : NP switch in inalienable possession constructions in Swahili
[1621]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] (1995) : Subject and object markers as agreement and pronoun incorporation in Swahili
[1620]   Barrett-Keach, Camillia [Nevada] & Michael Rochemont (1992/94) : On the syntax of possessor raising in Swahili