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[16687]   Pongweni, Alec J. C. (1983) : What’s in a name? A study in Shona nomenclature
[16689]   Pongweni, Alec J. C. (1990) : The pronunciation of English vowels by Shona speakers: problems and causes
[16690]   Pongweni, Alec J. C. (1990) : Studies in Shona phonetics: an analytical review
[16691]   Pongweni, Alec J. C. (1999) : The English-language learning experiences of Post-O-Level and mature-age applicants to the University of Botswana
[16688]   Pongweni, Alec J. C. & Juliet Thlondhlana (Ed) (1987) : LASU conference proceedings, Harare, 1987. The role of linguistics in communication for development: proceedings of the 2nd Linguistics Association for SADCC Universities conference, held at the University of Zimbabwe, 2-5 September 1987